Take a journey through beautiful Sharjah

Enter our competition: Take a trip through the maze and learn all about Sharjah’s amazing destinations and write all about it.

Children wishing to participate in this competition must travel through the maze and be inspired to write a short story about the tourist attractions they visit. Participation can be in Arabic or English. Winners will be selected and contacted after the end of the festival.




To participate in the competition:

Step 1: Travel through the maze and be inspired.

Step 2: Brainstorm ideas to write a story about your visit to one of Sharjah’s destinations or one of the destinations you visited in the maze.

Step 3: Write your short story about Sharjah. The story can be in Arabic or English. 

After the end of the festival, the most viewed stories will win a prize. Do not forget to add your contact details when submitting the story!

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Sharjah Stories

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Registration form

Registration must be completed in order to participate. Children wishing to take part should complete the maze and write their story about Sharjah attractions. Participation can be in Arabic or English.
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