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Turn your hike into an adventure through diverse terrains

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to desert adventures for hiking in Sharjah. The emirate has trails in landscapes of fossil artifacts, mountain ranges to conquer summits, deserts with endless sand dunes and forests full of rare animals. In Mleiha, you can delve into pre-Islamic history while exploring famous landmarks like Camel Rock and Fossil Rock. For higher ground, the Hajar mountains near Khorfakkan is a popular place for a mountain hike. Or go trekking in Al Dhaid, where you can walk through palm tree plantations, gain insight into bedouin culture and try to see camel racing in action. Meanwhile, the mangroves of a nature reserve like Khor Kalba are among the ideal places for a family adventure on foot. Exploring nature and teaching children about Sharjah wildlife together is one of the fun things to do with kids.

A picturesque hike can be combined with many Sharjah tourist activities, including the famous desert safari tours. Ask your operator about trails to make the most of exploring the desert. Before going on a hike, it is recommended that you use a GPS, wear light, loose clothing, pack your sunscreen and hat, and avoid hiking in the hot, humid months from June to September. Though there are no official hiking trails for tourists, you’ll easily spot the well-worn tracks from camels and other animals. In Mleiha, for example, you will be able to follow trails that traders once took to cross the desert and adventurers still use today. Consider guided hikes or overnight treks with the Mleiha Archaeological Centre or an experienced operator such as Absolute Adventure (

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Mleiha makes a good springboard for walks around Camel Rock and Fossil Rock, while Dibba and Kalba offer scenic coastal and mountain hikes.
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Hiking Trips
Hiking Trips

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Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE, its largest city and its most family-friendly destination. Experience a Sharjah museum, a desert safari and a Sharjah beach — the emirate offers things to do for everyone.