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Mleiha Visitor Centre

Begin an adventure to uncover the ancient secrets of early mankind in the Arabian Peninsula, at the UAE’s most compelling archaeological centre.

Built around the Umm an-Nar tomb, a huge circular Bronze Age grave, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre brings Sharjah’s ancient history to life. There are amazing artefacts and exhibits, interactive displays and guided tours of the surrounding archaeological sites.

Enjoy a meal at the café and the huge range of activities on offer, including trekking and 4WD tours to Fossil Rock and Camel Rock, paragliding from one of Mleiha’s tallest peaks, desert cycling tours and dune buggy rides.


  • Mleiha Visitor Centre
  • Mleiha
  • UAE
  • +971 6 883 1111
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Best way to get here?

The Mleiha Visitor Centre is located at Mleiha near Jebel Fayah, 65km southeast of Sharjah city. If you don’t have your own car, return transfers from Sharjah are available.

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