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Organised Riding Camps

Organised Riding Camps

Training course:

20 lessons for only 1500. Only for morning lessons, valid until 31/8/18.

The Riding School of the Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club is considered one of the top training centres in the UAE. It’s supervised by qualified trainers & riding instructors who have advanced technical skills and are well recognized in the field. There are instructors suitable for children and beginners as well as female trainers for interested women. Trained horses and ponies are available for all levels of riding ability.

The riding trainee graduates from the school after examination by a specialized committee that recommends that he/she can be registered at the UAE Equestrian & Racing Federation or continue to train when there is a need for more lessons. The results achieved by the graduates of the riding school in the competitions (i.e., Endurance, Show Jumping, and Flat Racing) at the national and the international levels are testimony of the high standards of training at the school.

Contact Info:

Name: Muhammed Nablsi

Media and Marketing Coordinator, Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club

Tel: +971 6 5311155

Mob: +971564037908



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