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This rare gem lies among the rugged mountain paths, embodying a living example of the nobility and authenticity of the inhabitants of this region

This rare gem lies among the rugged mountain paths, embodying a living example of the nobility and authenticity of the inhabitants of this region, a population of around 300. Despite its unique and exceptional geographical location between the Hajar Mountains, the village boasts all basic services, such as health services, water and electricity services, communications and internet services, in addition to shopping services and many other vital entertainment and tourist facilities, making it an integrated tourist destination for many visitors from inside and outside the country. One of the most distinctive features of this village is the multiplicity and diversity of tourist facilities, starting with shopping and entertainment and ending with adventure and discovery.

Old Village

Historically, the people of Shees lived among the winding valleys and on the mountains, and their ancient village still stands to this day, conveying for generations the strength and determination of the local population to face all challenges and to embody an example of determination and perseverance. This becomes more evident in consideration of the difficult climatic conditions and rugged geographical terrain, which forced them to adapt to their environment and develop a certain way of life. This way of life meant relying mainly on the cultivation of dates, mangoes, citrus fruits, and many other seasonal vegetables and fruits, to secure their needs under difficult living conditions, due to the scarcity of water resources and the difficulty of reaching their village before modern roads were built and services were provided. Currently, restoration work is ongoing, conserving the old village houses in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the village and the region.

Among the most prominent tourist destinations in Shees:

How to get there

Drive down Emirates Road (E611) and take the exit for Khorfakkan Road. You’ll need to continue down Khorfakkan Road for approximately 70 km, before taking the ramp toward the Shees area.
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Shees Village
Shees Village
Shees Village

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