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Al Dhaid Camel Race Track

To witness the centuries-old Bedouin sport of camel racing, make sure you rise early and head to this racecourse in Sharjah’s central region.

Camel racing remains popular today throughout the Gulf region, with human jockeys replaced by remote-controlled robots. It’s an amazing spectacle, with the camel owners zooming alongside their thundering animals in fleets of 4x4s, beeping their horns in encouragement.

Races are held in the cooler winter months usually early in the morning on Thursdays and Fridays, and admission is free. Check local press for information on dates and times of the meetings, or ask at your hotel.


  • Al Dhaid Camel Race Track
  • Al Dhaid
  • UAE
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Best way to get here?

Sharjah’s camel race track is located in Al Dhaid, about 60kms east of Sharjah city via the E88 (Sharjah-Al Dhaid Road).

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