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Witness a modern take on an ancient Arab tradition

Like the palm tree, camel racing is a symbol of ancient Bedouin culture. Though the sport is common in the Gulf region, Al Dhaid is one of the only places to visit in the UAE for live spectating. Amazingly, this race track has replaced the need for the traditional jockeys with remote controlled devices. Camel owners zoom alongside their thundering animals in fleets of 4x4s, beeping their horns in encouragement.

If you have children, be sure to bring them here to witness this spectacle and learn about UAE’s oldest sport. It is one of the extraordinary things to do with kids, while teaching them about Arab culture. All around, the Al Dhaid Camel Race Track makes for an unforgettable family experience. There’s also more to explore in Al Dhaid, with restaurants serving local food and trekking destinations nearby.

How to get there

Sharjah’s camel race track is located in Al Dhaid, about 60kms east of Sharjah city via the E88 (Sharjah-Al Dhaid Road).
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