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Sand Skiing

Sharjah’s dunes are made for sand skiing, strap on your sand board and carve down the seemingly endless sand slopes for an exhilarating experience.

The dunes around the emirate are perfect for thrill-seekers and exciting activities like sand skiing and boarding can easily be arranged.

The steep slopes of ‘Big Red’, less than an hour’s drive southeast of Sharjah city, are not only ideal for sand sports, but they are also incredibly picturesque, with red-hued peaks and valleys that resemble giant waves.

The best way to enjoy a few hours ‘shredding the sand’ is to book through a tour company. Many operators offer sand skiing or boarding as a standalone activity or as part of a desert safari.


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Best way to get here?

You’ll find Big Red off the E44 Dubai-Hatta Road near Al Badayer, around 65km southeast of Sharjah City.

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