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Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife

This modern research and breeding centre plays an integral role in conservation for some of the region’s rarest and most endangered species.

The Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife breeds close to 200 species of threatened Arabian wildlife, ranging from Arabian wolf and tahr to reptiles and birds. The Arabian leopard, whose population numbers less than 250 in the wild, is one of the centre’s biggest success stories. 

While the centre is not open to the public, you can visit the animals next door in Arabia’s Wildlife Centre. The animals are housed in large outdoor enclosures making it a prime place to see the region’s famous big cat up close.


  • Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife
  • Sharjah Desert Park
  • UAE
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Best way to get here?

The centre is part of Sharjah Desert Park, which is located 30km east of Sharjah city along the Al Dhaid Highway (E88) at interchange 9.

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