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Trace the faded footprints of ancient caravans

Ancient caravan routes once crisscrossed Sharjah’s central region, connecting the east and west coasts and trading goods such as dates and pearls. Less than an hour's drive from Sharjah city, you’ll find archaeological sites, desert adventures and farming towns.

The central region is a passage to a truly authentic local experience. You can tour the date palm plantations, enjoy local camel races or go dune bashing in open desert to appreciate the region’s natural landscapes and captivating history.

Al Dhaid

The desert turns green in this bustling oasis town where you can rub shoulders with the locals at camel races and markets.

Al Badayer

This desert area is an aesthetic treat, with a sea of burnt-orange dunes just made for adventure.


Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mleiha is one of the most important archaeological areas in the UAE.

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