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Nahwa Enclave

A scenic spot with fresh air and date palm plantations

Nahwa is a rare ‘counter-enclave’: a tiny territory belonging to Sharjah that curiously sits within the Omani enclave of Madha, which is in turn surrounded by the UAE. The original village was abandoned in 1999 for New Nahwa, built on a bend in Wadi Shis.

Surrounded by mountains, it is a scenic spot with lush date palm plantations, rocky peaks and a gorge with freshwater pools hidden at the end of Wadi Shis.

There are plenty of places to camp, hike and bike. Off-road driving through the wadi is also popular.

Nahwa Enclave

Destination Highlights

  • Go camping in a rare counter-enclave
  • Stroll through date palm plantations
  • Hike rocky peaks
  • Swim in freshwater pools
  • Bike through a rich desert ecosystem
Nahwa Enclave

How to get there

The enclave lies 138km east of Sharjah city and 16km southwest of Khorfakkan.

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How to get there
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