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Sharjah Tourism Launches 10th Tourist Guide Licensing and Training Program

Date Published: Monday, June 16, 2014 AL MIDFA: KEEN TO EMPOWER INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WITH COURSES OF HIGHEST INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is completing its tenth course of Tourist Guide Licensing and Training in collaboration with the University of Sharjah. The course is running from June 8 to 19, 2014, and involves lectures delivered by highly respected professionals who provide the underpinning knowledge to complement the practical training by experts. The course is packed with workshops and field visits to all the major landmarks in Sharjah. The latest group of applicants for the Tourist Guides Licensing and Training Program come from diverse backgrounds reflecting the changing visitor demographics to the Emirate. There are 11 different nationalities including the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Tunisia represented on this course and most of these participants are already working as professional tourist guides. Under the new guidelines it is a legal requirement Tourist Guides working in the Sharjah’s tourism sector are licensed. Speaking on the occasion, HE Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Director General, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, drew attention to the Authority's continuing efforts to organise a number of such professional training and orientation sessions every year aimed at training and empowering tourism industry partners and professionals. The professional Tourist Guides Licensing and Training Program is targeted at honing the skills of tourism industry professional and enriching their knowledge about developments in the tourism industry, projects and milestones in this diverse emirate, he said. Al Mifa said that the Authority strives to conduct these courses in accordance with the highest international standards and in line with the latest trends and developments in the global tourism industry, particularly in the field of tourist guides. It is done under the supervision of trained faculty and highly skilled experts in this field. The training course is conducted at a number of cultural centers and involves visits to tourism and heritage sites in order to promote the culture of the participants. Al Noman said that this course is being held at a time when Sharjah is celebrating its crowning as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2014. “This is a year of excellence and achievements and has seen the launch of a number of tourism projects and cultural monuments in the emirate. This is expected to increase the number of tourists and investors in the emirate,” he emphasised. “All this adds to the responsibility of tourism industry professionals and those in the forefront of representing Sharjah’s identity and image before the world,” Al Midfa added. The SCTDA Director General stressed the crucial role tourist guides play in presenting the right image and impression about the Emirate as a destination thanks to their direct and continuous interaction visitors. The course includes orientation lectures on the fundamentals of Sharjah in including – history, civilization, architecture, archeology, economics -- besides field visits to a number of museums, heritage and archeological sites, nature reserves and various tourist attractions in the Emirate. The course will also feature background and updates on upcoming projects such as the Heart of Sharjah. The SCTDA website offers all necessary information and details about the course, registration requirements, duration and timeline in addition to the registration form in both Arabic and English.