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Random International’s immersive installation Rain Room (2012) invites you to walk through a downpour of continuous rain without getting wet. Motion sensors detect the movements of the human body as visitors navigate through the darkened underground space, becoming performers in this intersection of art, technology and nature.

This site-specific sound and light installation uses 2,500 litres of self-cleaning recycled water, which is controlled through a computerised system of 3D tracking cameras placed at intervals around the ceiling. When sensors in the cameras detect a person’s movement, they signal one of the many water nozzles in the ceiling, and the water stops in a roughly six-foot radius around the person. 

Founded in 2005, Random International is a London-based collaborative studio for experimental and digital practice within contemporary art. Their work, which includes sculpture, performance and large-scale architectural installations, reflects the relationship between man and machine and centres on audience interaction. 

Sharjah’s Rain Room marks the Middle East premiere and the first permanent installation of this project by Random International. The work has previously been on view at the Barbican, London (2012); MoMA, New York (2013); Yuz Museum, Shanghai (2015) and LACMA, Los Angeles (2015–2017).

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Experience the Rain Room

Random International’s immersive installation Rain Room (2012) invites you to walk through…

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