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Experience nature, culture and adventure along clear coastal waters

Set against the backdrop of the craggy Hajar mountains and on the sandy coastlines of the Gulf of Oman, Sharjah's East Coast destinations offer a picturesque setting for every type of vacation. Discover hidden architectural gems that are more than a century old, take an exhilarating boat ride off a pristine beach, spot the endangered kingfisher bird in a mangrove reserve, gaze into the eyes of an Arabian leopard and experience life in a quaint seaside town. Sharjah's East Coast is rife with opportunities for panoramic photographs with unique topography, traditional museums and bustling souqs to shop for authentic handicrafts.


Surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah, this beach town is one of the most visited Sharjah tourist places for leisure and adventure.


This mangrove forest is the UAE’s most famous wildlife sanctuary, home to a thriving ecosystem of rare animals and birds.

Dibba Al-Hisn

A seaside town with opportunities for adventure sports and relaxation.

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Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE, its largest city and its most family-friendly destination. Experience a Sharjah museum, a desert safari and a Sharjah beach — the emirate offers things to do for everyone.