Stunning lake situated in the mountains, ideal for fun outdoor activities.

A perfect spot for a road trip destination and fun day out. The Al Rafisah Dam appears out of the mountains on the road to Khorfakkan, over the crest of a hill and is a picturesque site, offering beautiful views as well as opportunities for a range of activities, from kayaking to hiking to learning more of the historical and archaeological terrain of the region. A man made waterfall and lush greenery make for a tranquil outdoor experience while hiking trails lead you around the lake, families with young children will enjoy the play areas and family facilities.  Those looking to relax will find a restaurant with a panoramic outlook and seating areas dotted around the destination.

Originally built in the 1980s, the dam holds the waters of the Wadi Shie, a river that trickles down through the majestic Hajjar mountains. Recent developments in the area, including establishing the dam as a tourism destination, has turned visiting the dam into one of Sharjah’s most engaging and popular experiences. The dam contains the water from the Wadi Shie, a river bed highly regarded amongst archaeologists for its artefacts and historical significance.

Under an hour’s drive from Sharjah, the reservoir is situated in an area of stunning beauty, surrounded by sandstone mountains and abundant greenery. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the views and the chance to spot rare and endemic wildlife as well as the hundreds of migratory birds that stop to rest in the area. The artificial waterfall tumbles into the waters of the lake from a height of 55 metres and is the gentle background music to the serenity of the location.

One of the most popular activities at Al Rafisah Dam is kayaking and boating around the lake. Kayaks and pedalos can be easily rented for an enjoyable excursion across the waters. Visitors may also enjoy a hike around the 730m walkway that takes in some of the most scenic views in the UAE. Other, more strenuous hiking options take in the historical sites of Al Rabi Tower, built in 1915 as part of the town of Khorfakkan’s defense network, or up to Al Suhub Rest – the look out and restaurant with a view of the clouds. Families with young children will also be happy to know there are play areas, a restaurant near the dam, facilities and a mosque, and a mini mart for water and snacks.