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Increasing vital contribution to the economy, society, culture and environment through commerce and tourism.

Sharjah City
Sharjah City

SCTDA carries out the work and activities necessary to achieve its goals by way of drawing up strategic plans to further develop and promote the tourism industry in all its forms. It compiles policies for participating in local, regional and international exhibitions with the ultimate goal of promoting Sharjah as an attractive medium for foreign investment.

SCTDA uses all available means and a variety of media to raise public awareness of the unique features Sharjah offers as a special tourist destination locally, regionally and internationally. On the international front, SCTDA participates in events and activities to promote the emirate and place it on the international tourism and business map.

In its strategy to promote the emirate as a unique tourist destination, SCTDA focuses on Sharjah’s key factors of distinction and exclusiveness.

In coordination with other government departments and the private sector, SCTDA exerts a considerable effort to achieve development of the emirate of Sharjah, which is ranked among the most prestigious and distinguished commercial and tourist destinations in the world.

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