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Viewed as a cultural and literary hub of the region, the Sharjah International Book Fair is your gateway to audiences who love the written word.

This event is one of the world’s largest book fairs, held at the Sharjah Expo Centre every year. The eleven day fair has over 400 literary events, including daily writing workshops, poetry readings and book signings. The stalls prominently feature local favourites, including several Arabic books on Sharjah, Arab culture and Arabic art. The Sharjah book fair is a huge attraction for literature buffs. Travellers interested in the arts put it high on their list of to-do Sharjah tourist places, as it is a Sharjah event that attracts over 2 million visitors and 1,420 national and international publishing houses. Books at the fair cover diverse genres in over 210 languages, while the panels have a star-studded lineup of renowned literary figures and authors.

Along with literature, there is also opportunity for food and snacks. The fair has live cookery demonstrations to give visitors insight on the taste and making of Arabic food. Since the fair comes only once a year, locals and tourists are sure to mark their calendars, making sure that the expo centre is one of the places to visit in Sharjah. Many parents bring their children to shop for story books, which is one of the enjoyable and educational things to do with kids in the emirate.


Sharjah International Book Fair

+971 6 514 0151

How to get there

The Sharjah International Book Fair is held at the Expo Center Sharjah in Al Khan Area, Al Taawun Street, near Arab Mall.
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Sharjah International Book Fair
Sharjah International Book Fair
Sharjah International Book Fair

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