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Swim with aquatic life in crystal blue waters

Located along the Khorfakkan bay, a group of unspoilt underwater spots are raved about by both snorkeling and diving experts. Seven dive sites strung along the bay, offer a range of diving experiences from wreck diving to reef diving. Large coral formations to rare marine life can all be enjoyed within the crystal clear waters and granite formations caused by Sharjah’s unusual underwater terrain.

The well known area around Shark Island, Sira Khorfakkan is a good site to spot sharks like the common blacktip reef shark as well as Moray eels and Arabian angelfish and turtles. Martini Rock, set within a charming reef, measures around 160m in length and 80m across. Average visibility in this site ranges between 5-15m and on a clear day, up to 20 meters of stunning underwater views and multicoloured fish. The purposely sunk decommissioned boat, Inchcape, is a fascinating residue of the emirate’s long marine history, cardinal fish, emperor fish and barracuda are all common sights here, and even large rays have been spotted. All of Khorfakkan’s dive sites, including Coral Gardens and Anemone Gardens, the Hole in the Wall and Almanure offer endless shoals of fish, beautiful underwater foliage and extraordinary ocean experiences.

Activities Highlights

  • Make sure you are certified to dive – taster sessions don’t count. Many dive operations will require a diving certificate
  • Dive with a certified diving school / tourism operation
  • Check you have scuba insurance, not all travel insurance covers scuba
  • Make sure to do your buddy check and follow your guide’s instructions
  • Double check your diving equipment
  • If you are an international visitor on a diving trip, make sure your next flight is over 24 hours after your dive

How to get there

GPS Coordinates:
  • Almanure (25°19'26.4"N 56°22'54.9"E)
  • Martini Rock (25°20'03.7"N 56°22'53.1"E)
  • Inchape (25°20'19.6"N 56°22'51.4"E)
  • Hole in the Wall (25°20'28.1"N 56°22'40.5"E)
  • Sira Khorfakkan (25°21'03.9"N 56°22'38.5"E)
  • Anemone Gardens (25°21'03.5"N 56°22'49.3"E)
  • Coral Gardens (25°21'04.9"N 56°22'54.3"E)
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Diving in Khorfakkan
Diving in Khorfakkan
Diving in Khorfakkan

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