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Souq Al Arsah

The oldest market place in the UAE and a meeting place for bygone Bedouins and their camels. Step into the souq and begin a journey back in time.

Souk Al Arsa once attracted merchants from Persia and India, along with local Bedouin who traded charcoal for rice. It’s now a covered market with air-conditioned alleyways featuring solid wooden doors, beautiful coral brick walls and hanging lanterns.

The quaint stores sell everything from pearl chests and copper coffee pots to jewellery, perfume bottles and incense. Review the day’s purchases over a cup of Arabic coffee at the café in the centre of the souk, and stock up on delicious sweets at the popular halwa shop.


  • Sharjah City
  • UAE
  • +971 6 511 2555
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Also known as Souk Al Masqoof, the souk is located behind the Al Bait hotel in the Heart of Sharjah heritage area, which runs parallel to Sharjah Creek and Corniche Road.

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