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Take your pick of places in Sharjah to off-road with a quad bike

Quad Biking is a much-loved activity for tourists and locals in Sharjah. This activity is relatively easy even for newcomers to motorsports. It is an unforgettable experience to ride over a sea of sand dunes for the first time and feel the butterflies in your stomach. Fossil Rock is a recommended area to test out a quad bike, with enclosed spaces for people of all ages and capabilities. Extraordinarily, the surrounding areas here are among the most important archaeological sites in the UAE. Regulars and experts also come to Fossil Rock for dune bashing.

The area around the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, which houses several artifacts revealing the history of the UAE, is another ideal location for quad biking and dune buggy riding. The nearby ‘Big Red’ sand formation, one of the famous places to visit in Sharjah, is a popular spot for motorsports. Quad biking is often included in desert safari tours, where you can explore stretches of desert dunes and experience Emirati hospitality in a desert camp.

How to get there

Clearly visible from over 25km away, Fossil Rock is located near Mleiha, an hour’s drive from Sharjah city. As you approach, you’ll see the quad bike area on your left.
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Quad biking
Quad biking
Quad biking

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