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Revel in the magnificence of nature and rare wildlife

Kalba is the most popular destination for ecotourism in the UAE, with opportunities to go wildlife spotting while trekking, kayaking, as well as scuba diving. Many come here to see the Arabian oryx, the national animal of the UAE, before heading to a Sharjah beach nearby. With plenty of scenic spots and glittering waters, the reserve is also a popular spot for picnics. There are several historical sites to visit in Kalba, with the Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamed Al Qassimi museum, a restored hisn (fort) and a sleepy seaside promenade. The museum was built in 1901 and used to serve as a royal residence, making it one of the most prominent places to visit in the country. With a wealth of activities to choose from in the setting of a nature reserve, Kalba is one of the must-visit Sharjah tourist places for wildlife and heritage lovers alike.

Destination Highlights

  • Kayak among the oldest mangrove forest in Arabia
  • See falcons at the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre
  • Visit some of the rarest birds in the world
  • Enjoy a selection of scenic beaches

How to get there

Kalba is located 120km east of Sharjah city and around 12km south of Fujairah city. 

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