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Wadi Al Helo

Towards the southeast, nestled deep within the Hajar Mountains, this peaceful nature reserve has bountiful biodiversity and Bronze Age ruins to explore.

Blessed with abundant underground water, Wadi al Helo (‘sweet valley’ in Arabic) is home to an important archaeological site and a restored Islamic watchtower. It has been declared a protected area, due to its bountiful birds, reptiles, rodents and freshwater fish.

An easy walk to the top of the valley offers great views of the valley and the archaeological ruins. On the other side of the archaeological site, follow the well-worn animal tracks deeper into the wadi for enjoyable hiking and scrambling.


  • Wadi Al Helo
  • UAE
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Best way to get here?

Wadi Al Helo is located off the E102 Sharjah-Kalba Road, 20km southwest of the coastal town of Kalba in the eastern region.

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