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Boasting an excursion train, children’s play areas, restaurant, running track and beautiful landscape, the Hanging Gardens offers plenty for a fun day

One of Sharjah’s newest destinations offers large tracts of green spaces with flowers adorning the terraces, and waterfalls. The total area of the garden spans 1.6 million square feet, reaching a height of 281 metres above sea level. The centrepiece of Kalba Hanging Gardens is the artificial waterfall which cascades down several levels in to a small lake, calming, cooling and serene. At night the waterfall is lit up.

The stunning restaurant, in the garden, which can seat 215 people is of a classic semi-circular architectural design and provides views of the gardens and waterfall.

The designated recreational areas for children are divided into three sections based on age groups. There are also mountain climbing routes with three varying difficulty levels, showcasing agricultural terraces, waterfalls, lush trees, and colourful flowers along the way. Beginners to experts will enjoy the skateboard area situated within the park.

The excursion train can carry 55 people on a route around the gardens, passing through 4 stations. One station can be found at the upper cafeteria, while the other three are situated within the garden. The train stations offer waiting areas, providing visitors with a great opportunity to explore different parts of the garden and its recreational and service features. Moreover, the park includes a 760-metre running track encircling its landmarks from the interior.

Situated on the upper area of the Hanging Gardens, a restaurant, built using traditional wooden architecture, 270 metres above sea level, accommodates 100 guests and provides a stunning panoramic view of the three sides of the Hanging Gardens.

The project offers various amenities for visitors, such as 262 parking spaces, facilities for disabled parking, and electric vehicle charging stations. Moreover, the facilities include restrooms, prayer rooms for both genders, and a cafeteria offering light meals.

Activities Highlights

  • Hike
  • Skate
  • Run / Jog
  • Dine at one of the many options
  • Take a train ride on the mini train
  • Please note barbecuing is not allowed

How to get there

The Hanging Gardens in Kalba are on the Sharjah-Kalba road (S/E102). If you are going east on the Kalba road, the exit to the upper track is just before Al Heyar Tunnel and the exit to the lower area is after the tunnel at the end of the parking area.
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Hanging Gardens in Kalba
Hanging Gardens in Kalba
Hanging Gardens in Kalba

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