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Meander through a reserve full of thriving flora and fauna

Wasit Nature Reserve is home to a diverse ecosystem along coastal sand dunes, salt flats, ponds and a large lake. The centre won the prestigious Aga Khan award for architecture in 2019 for pioneering an environmental project that transformed wasteland into thriving ecosystems for indigenous flora and fauna.

With over 200 bird species and eight hides with binoculars, bird-watchers love to flock to the wetlands centre here. The reserve also hosts various small mammals, reptiles and insects, making it an important tourist place for animal lovers visiting Sharjah. Tourists particularly come here to spot the endangered Arabian oryx, the national animal of the UAE, prancing through the harder flats between sand dunes or eating a meal from the lush vegetation. Though closed on Sunday, this reserve is among the few wildlife centres that stay open until 6:30 pm. For the convenience of visitors, Wasit Nature Reserve also provides golf carts for those touring as a group or as a family.

After a fulfilling day of exploring and wildlife-spotting, you could drive over to one of many places to visit in Sharjah at night. The centrally located Al Majaz Waterfront is ideal for a family dinner out. If you’re thinking of things to do with kids, we recommended clubbing your visits to these two popular tourist places in the UAE. The children would enjoy getting the best of both worlds, with the Sharjah natural reserves and city experience. In the middle of the year, the Al Majaz Waterfront also host many summer activities for kids.

How to get there

Wasit Nature Reserve is the only reserve within the boundaries of Sharjah city. It’s situated in the Ramtha area in the northeast of the city.
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