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Explore this wildlife sanctuary full of desert animals

Spread over 12 sq km in the Khor Kalba area, Al Hefaiyah Conservation Centre is home to 30 native mountain and desert species. With successful wildlife conservation measures, this Kalba centre hosts various species native to the desert habitat. It is also one of the only parks in Sharjah with indoor exhibits, featuring snakes, lizards, hedgehogs and scorpions. Larger landscaped enclosures are dedicated to the Arabian leopard, wolf, tahr and caracal or desert lynx. For a family experience, ask for a guided tour. Children are encouraged to ask questions while the tour guides take you through the entire centre. For an express tour, especially as a larger group. ask to be taken in a golf carts.

If you’re a nature lover, this is one of the main places to visit in Sharjah. After your tour, make sure to take in the pristine landscape and some fresh air while enjoying the welcoming weather in Kalba.

Contact Details

Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre
Al Ghayl
+971 9 2772698

How to get there

Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre is located at the base of the Hajar Mountains on the outskirts of Kalba, around 130km east of Sharjah city via the main Sharjah-Kalba Road.
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