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Kalba Birds of Prey Centre

Watch raptor species amongst historical landscape including Barn Owls, Short Toad Snake Eagles, Greater Spotted Eagles, and Lappet Faced Vultures.

The Arabian Peninsula’s Bedouin tribes have a long tradition of hunting with birds of prey, and falconry remains a popular sport today. The Kalba Bird of Prey Centre has free-flying demonstrations, along with aviaries housing owls, eagles, buzzards, vultures and, of course, falcons.

Using live demonstration and displays, the centre introduces visitors to host of native raptor species, highlighting this historical landscape and its importance to the population of both resident and migrating wild raptors, like the Barn Owl, Short Toad Snake Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, and Lappet Faced Vulture.

Watch raptors at work during an hour-long show in the outdoor arena, which takes place twice a day, and see the birds up close during a behind-the-scenes tour of centre.


  • Al Ghail Area
  • Kalba
  • UAE
  • +971 9 2770880
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The Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is located in Kalba on Sharjah’s east coast, close to Al Hefaiyah Conservation Centre. It is open six days a week (closed Mondays).

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