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Hike up the Hajar mountains to explore ancient village life, palm frond houses and palm and date tree farms watered by an age-old irrigation system

Hike up the Hajar mountains to explore ancient village life, palm frond houses and palm and date tree farms watered by an age-old irrigation system and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains of Khorfakkan and lush valleys of Wadi Shie.

The Najd Al Maqsar area stands as a living testament to a rich history dating back thousands of years. Located in the heart of a “Wadi” (river bed), it is home to a historic fort, established nearly 300 years ago on the summit of the mountain. This land was once inhabited by a tribe, who settled near the abundant water source of the nearby wadi which allowed for an “al falaj” irrigation system which watered the land.

The village comprises 13 old houses dating back to nearly a century, which the people then used as a refuge from the floods. Moreover, according to archaeological studies, rocks engraved with drawings of camels and horses dating back to 2,000 years BC were found in the area. There is also historical evidence of the exodus of many people from Khorfakkan to the Najd Al Maqsar settlement, during the Medieval Period, at the time of the Portuguese colonisation of the region to seek shelter in its impenetrable mountains.

After extensive renovation and conservation efforts, the area has been reimagined as a tourist destination including 7 meticulously restored units within a house that is over 100 years old, each offering breathtaking mountain views. Situated at 17,210 m², offering a glimpse into the past alongside facilities and attractions, including a restaurant, reception area, and a trail to the iconic 300-year-old Al Maqsar Fortress, providing an unforgettable experience for guests. Adventure seekers can explore walking trails while enjoying panoramic views of Khorfakkan, immersing themselves in the historical spirit of the village, and accessing Al Rafisah Dam through a dedicated trail.

Activities Highlights

  • Hiking
  • Use the dedicated trail to hike to Rafisah dam / kayak
  • Discover more about the 300 year old fortress
  • Explore the wadi and mountains
  • Enjoy a meal at Wishi Restaurant

How to get there

Take the Sharjah – Khorfakkan road from the 611. Najd Al Maqsar is around 50 minutes drive towards Khorfakkan.
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Najd Al Maqsar Village
Najd Al Maqsar Village
Najd Al Maqsar Village

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