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The complex includes eight scientific and historical museums

The Holy Quran Academy hosts many activities and programs that serve the Holy Quran and those interested and working in Quranic affairs and is an important repository for Quranic artefacts, displayed in a collection of museums. The Academy is home to the Museum of the History of Writing the Holy Quran, which deals with the history of writing the Holy Quran since the recording of verses of the Holy Quran in the Prophet’s era until our modern era. It displays 60 Quranic manuscripts and is divided into 15 sections, each within a century. Latest technology introduces visitors to the complex to the history of writing, in addition to a room that simulates the Cave of Hira, equipped with a display screen and audio equipment that displays the story of the beginning of the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Messenger. It also includes a section that monitors the development of writing the Holy Quran and the tools used in writing throughout the ages.

Another museum covers the Kaaba and the curtains of the Prophet’s Chamber. 18 coverings are displayed here, the oldest of which dates back to the tenth century AH 970 AH is 5.75 meters in length and is 2.75 metres in width. In the middle of the museum is a simulation of the door of the Kaaba with an original piece of the covering of the door of the Kaaba, in addition to containing three display screens. Equipped with the latest advanced display technologies, A sequential history of the manufacture of the Kaaba covering and its development, throughout the ages, in addition to the manufacture of the covering of the Kaaba and the tools, materials and machines used in its manufacture and weaving is shown.

The Quran mentions a number of scientific facts from ancient times that scientists did not discover until the last century and the Academy is unique in displaying these in the The Universe and Man in the Holy Quran hall, which sheds light on the scientific facts in the Holy Quran. The hall displays 26 topics divided into ten sections. Four of them deal with the universe from the beginning of its creation to its end, three sections deal with the subject of the creation of man, and one section deals with the Earth.

The complex’s facilities also include the Scientific Quranic Library, which is a specialized library that includes the most important books of interpretation, recitations, and related sciences of the Holy Quran and Sharia sciences. It includes 50,000 electronically indexed volumes, allowing researchers to quickly access information and the year of reception and reading.

The complex provides appointment booking services and free advance visits via the Sharjah Digital Platform.

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Holy Quran Academy
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Holy Quran Academy
Holy Quran Academy
Holy Quran Academy

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