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A tourist destination with a variety of recreational facilities

The Flag Island boasts the U.A.E. Flag on a 123 meter- high pole, which was named the world’s 7th tallest during the opening on the 2nd of December 2012. The island stands as a celebration of the union of the U.A.E through its landmark flagpole. The Flag Island is a destination where design, fitness and leisure intersect to offer an unparalleled experience for the public in Sharjah and the U.A.E.

The Flag:

The lighting of the pole and its surroundings is characterised by a unique design; it features lights all around the circle with a height of 3 meters. 7 mounted lights around the pole placed in 7 GRC stands, representing the seven emirates of the U.A.E., and lights distributed along the pathway leading to the flag pole with a height of 4.2 meters.

Jones The Grocer:

A food emporium stocking a range of specialty products, walk-in cheese room, charcuterie and deli. The contemporary café setting with outdoor seating is a great spot for family brunches or relaxing dinners with a varied and delicious menu.

The Amphitheatre:

Host to a programme of culturally-engaging live shows and concerts as well as Flag Day and National Day celebrations, the amphitheatre at The Flag Island accommodates 1000 seats with breath-taking views over the city.

1971 – Design Space:

A multi-functional design space dedicated to the display and discussion of all forms of contemporary design ranging from graphic, furniture to interior, interactive design and new technologies. Working in close conjunction with local designers, architects, schools and universities, 1971 offers a variety of curated exhibitions and public programmes.

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Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE, its largest city and its most family-friendly destination. Experience a Sharjah museum, a desert safari and a Sharjah beach — the emirate offers things to do for everyone.