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A time-traveler’s paradise with exciting rides that stretch your imagination

Experience thrilling rides and fantastic wonders at the Island of Legends, where visitors are transported into a world of fun. While there are plenty of rides for all the family, make sure not to miss these special ones!

Eye of the Emirates Wheel: The giant wheel, offering unmatched views of the emirate is a beloved icon of Sharjah. Take a spin to enjoy sighting many of the emirate’s famous landmarks on the horizon. This family favourite allows you to take to the skies at 60 metres high with 42 cabins, to enjoy a peaceful ride over the park and lagoon waters below.

Extreme Adventure and Extreme Kids: Adventure, excitement and guaranteed fun are all to be found at Extreme Adventure - a large play area hidden amid natural surroundings and packed with several adventure activities curated to satisfy the risk-taker in us all. A rope bridge, rope swings, climbing wall and various other fitness adventure experiences can be enjoyed by family and friends.

Dragon Discovery: The massive Chinese dragon at the entrance gives an inkling that this is no ordinary ride but a ride for the bold, the brave and the adventurous. Step into Dragon-Discovery for ultimate excitement and reach for the clouds as it launches you high into the sky.

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The Island of Legends
Al Khalidiyah Bridge - Flag Island

0651 10555

The Island of Legends
The Island of Legends
The Island of Legends

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